This is a website where I will be posting ideas about how to trade stocks using charts, journals and other methods and ideas that I discover.

I intend to use it as a place where I can gather and summarize knowledge and links that I discover on my own path to learning the broad subject of stock investing. But, I thought I’d make it publicly available for anybody who is interested.

 About me

I have begun spending as much time as I can trying to learn the fundamentals of trading, reading books and websites and from listening to audio recordings. I was also able to attend a one-day stock market seminar at  Bellevue College, led by Certified Market Technician, Gatis Roze.

My plan is to keep reading and researching to learn and get more insights into trading and to work out the best method/s to begin trading. I am not going to jump straight in and start trading, but initially work through developing a trading plan—which will include strategies for entry and exit points, stop positions and position sizing—and then rehearsing in simulation before trading in the real world.

Currently, I am self-employed, working on a broad range of projects, and I see stock trading as an adjunct to my web work, and my aim is for trading to become my secondary business. I see it as a good personal fit for me, a vocation where I can control and rely my own decisions and actions.

I also believe it is a viable alternative to starting a more traditional business that requires a store – this would require tying up long-term capital and likely have a longer start-up time, and will also involve risk.

I understand that what I will be trying to do is not simple (and certainly nowhere as simple as many make it out), nor is it a guarantee that I will make any profit. In fact, I know that losses are as likely as profits. I also realize that there will be high emotional factors that will come into play which I will need to recognize and deal with in a steady and direct way.

That said, I am willing to take complete responsibility for my trading results and I will not blame the market, my broker, or anything else.