I will be adding links to this page of ideas of where to look for new stock ideas and to check on various movements in the market.

Stock Ratings
MSN Money StockScouter
NASDAQ Stock Consultant
Navellier Stock Grader
Market Grader

Stock Competitors
NASDAQ Stock Consultant (example link showing Microsoft)
Stockcharts – Competitors’ Performance (example link showing DJIA, Market Vector Retail, Coach, Tiffany, Urban Outfiters)

ETF Performance
Morningstar ETF Performance (Sort by volume – big volume avoids wide bid-ask spreads)
Yahoo ETF Finder (Use Category selector to find potential “Sisters”)

Strategy Testing
Fidelity.com Test Strategies

Institutional Investors
FundX Aggressive Upgrader (HOTFX) (Fund of funds)

Insider Selling
FINVIZ Latest Insider Trading (US), Canadian Insider
“When executives sold their company’s stock aggressively in early 2012, the S&P 500 went on to correct by 10 percent to its low for the year.”