Last Friday, I listened to a free online seminar with a guy named Brian Lund.

I have been following Brian’s blog for the past 6 months or so after spotting him on Stocktwits.

The webinar was a general Q&A session with Brian kindly offering advice from his years of experience in trading.

There were many good points made over the course of the hour or so, but here are some that I have chosen to take away and perhaps research further:

1. Use my website as a trade journal.
I actually set up this site for that exact purpose, but have to admit that I have been lazy in not following through with this idea. I have to think of it as my own personal journal. And if you have happened to find and read it, so be it.

2. Reverse engineer your trade
Risk Management should be a trader’s primary focus and one of the best ways to understand your position is to reverse engineer your trade (via Van Tharpe) using the R Method (R = Risk and Reward). Brian goes into this concept with his block post, The Most Important Concept For Successful Trading

3.Charting platform
Brian suggested his charting platform of choice was the TC2000 in that it allowed you to rapidly work through a list of charts.

4.Getting professional help
Brian pointed a to a list of Quality Trading Services and recommended the High Charts Pattern Group in particular.

5. Trade set ups
Brian was asked his  favourite trade set-up: It was an oversold stock that prints a hammer (Rules For Trading A Reversal Hammer).

6.Get it right before you trade
Write out your criteria/methodology before you trade.

7. Don’t go big and then go home
Start small and then scale up once you work out a methodology.

8. Trading Style
Start with Swing Trading

9. Don’t get wrapped up in Candlesticks
95% of Candlestick charting are crap. Mostly just use candlestick reversal symbols.

10. Indicators are overrated
Stick mainly to Support and Resistance and simple moving averages

11. The Stocktwits Edge
Brian recommends this book, which has 46 essays from people who are engaged to some degree in using StockTwits.

12. Discount online broker
Interactive Brokers has the lowest costs. Commissions are as low as $1 per trade and several trading platforms are offered. However, they require a $10,000 minimum balance to open an account. Plus, there is a $10 minimum activity fee.